Get Fit for Fall with 3 Coaches!!

    September 26, 2016


    October 1st I will be running an private online fitness/health accountability group for women of any age and fitness level. Girls pick their fitness programs and commit to it along with nutrition goals for 30 days. We check in online every day and hold each other accountable. We share our achievements, set-backs, success and struggles….. everything. Did you know that social support is KEY in sticking to your goals?

    Researchers are still wrestling with how to help people keep weight off after group treatment ends. Enlisting family and friends in the effort may help, research suggests.
    According to one study, participants who enrolled in a weight-loss program with friends did a better job of keeping their weight off. In addition to teaming up with friends, these enrollees were given social support in addition to standard treatment.
    Two-thirds of those who enrolled with friends had kept their weight off six months after the meetings ended. In contrast, only a quarter of those who attended on their own had achieved that same success.

    Who Can join?

    Anyone! Whether you are wanting to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, tone up, gain muscle mass, or improve your flexibility, energy levels and focus we can customize/find a 30 day program to meet your needs.


    Where is the Challenge?

    In your own home. No babysitter needed, no driving, no stress. Since having kids I tried repeatedly to get to the gym and it was just chaos trying to get organized to go and then pay for childcare at the gym. I was always late for the class I wanted to go to and it was never easy. heck I even taught a barre class two nights a week and it was a struggle to get out the door!! Now I get it done in 30 minutes usually before my kids wake up and I am done in the amount of time it took me to get organized to get out the door and back!!

    How does it work?
    1. Define your goal. Is it to loose 40 pounds, 5 pounds? Gain weight? Tone up? Gain mobility, keep up with our kids this summer?
    2. Tell me what kind of exercises you like to do …. plyometrics, Yoga, weights, running, body weight moves, low impact etc. This is VIP if you like it, you will continue.
    3. Choose your program from the beach body line up . You can browse HERE however I can guide you through as it is not a very easy site to navigate.
    4. After your purchase your program through me you will join our private FB group were we get you all set up, check in daily and support each other every step of the way. Fitness is a journey that we all work on daily and will continue to forever.
    5. Start the program and commit to exercising and eating healthy for 30 days

    How do I get a FREE photoshoot from Janna Gobeil Photography ?

    If you decide to join my group by purchasing a challenge pack ( workout program along with shakeology), I am including a mommy and me portrait session that I normally charge quite a bit of money for. I believe whole heartedly in existing in pictures with your children and it is something I have been avoiding so this is something I feel I really want to do for others as I do not think I am the only mom dodging the camera.If you do not have children we can make arrangements for another kind of shoot! Again these shoot will only be applicable if you purchase THE CHALLENGE PACK not simply a single program . I do require participants to stay on their program along with shakeology for 90 days in order to receive a mini session with me.Here is the breakdown of what you can earn with me.
    1. Challenge pack which includes your program and shakeology for 90 days = Mini mom and me session 20 minute shoot and 5 digital images value of $250
    2. Challenge pack which includes your program and shakeology for 6 months= Full mom and me session with me including 1 hour shoot, multiple locations and 15 digital image value of $400.
    3. Challenge pack which includes your program and shakeology for 12 months= Master Session with me including 1 hour shoot, all immediate family members ( yes Dad to ) and 30 digital images value of $600
    This is the type of session I so passionate about capturing as children need to look back on the love between mother and child and so often there are few memories of this because moms are always behind the camera! Basically instead of paying for a session with me you are earning one by sticking to your health and fitness goals and then being rewarding with an amazing shoot that capture your hard work in a lovely way!!!!

    What do I need for the 30 Day TMT Challenge?

    Your bb program purchased through me, a positive attitude and willingness to commit for 30 days. Some programs require weights and resistance bands but please check with me if you have questions. You do not need much space at all for these workouts which is the best part!

    THREE Coaches for this Challenge!!!
    I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 so that has been my struggle for the past while to stay motivated and an on track but because of all of the women I have met from hosting these online accountability groups I feel like I have found my tribe of positive like minded women that PUSH me daily. I will be having my baby the beginning of October however I will be hosting this challenge group with 2 other coaches  Dominique and Alison that will be there every step of the way.   Dominique has been doing programs such as CIZE, PIYO, COUNTRY HEAT and 21 DAy FIX EXREME for a number of months now and has seen incredible results.  Alison has been doing 21 Day fix EXTREME along side her husband now for a few months and has gained a pile of energy to keep up with her 4 kids!!!I am lining up my post postpartum programs journey and will be starting to get back at it with Country Heat a low impact dance based workout starting mid-to end October as soon as I get the go ahead after my c-section. I have been hosting these online groups for  1 year now and I just cannot believe the results I have seen being achieved from busy mom’s, nurses, teachers, SAHM in the comfort of their own home.  I am excited to team up with these two ladies  for October  and we hope you will join in on the amazing support , friendship and Fun.


    If you think October 1st may be the start of something new for you fill out this form!!!!

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