Super Busy Mom of 4 That Has a Heart of Gold

    September 20, 2016

    Busy Mom of 4 2016-09-20_0006 2016-09-20_0005 2016-09-20_0004 2016-09-20_0003 2016-09-20_0002 2016-09-20_0001

    This is my longtime friend Alison we all call Lol….. she had that name well before texting, cell phones and the internet were around. It is just hard to call her anything else so Lol it is. Alison and I met way back in High school and have been friends ever since. There is nobody else quite like this special lady…she has the biggest heart, the kindest soul and is really a special person. We met up on a super windy day to take a few pics for her earned mom and me session and I think these pictures capture her pretty darn well. She has four beautiful children and life can seem chaotic but Lol is never without a smile on her face. She is not phased or upset by anything and her children just LOVE LOVE LOVE her so. Lol received this session from me for joining my accountability group a few months ago and has worked out beside her kiddos daily. In our private online group she posts pictures of her doing lunges, planks, squats in and amongst her kids and their toys and I just love that……no excuse she is committed. Her kids are always with her and such a big part of her life.
    These pictures run a little deeper than most for me and bring a tear to my eye as I type this. In high school Lol lost her mother to a long battle with cancer. This is not my story to share, as it is hers but I have known Lol through soo much and we always said she would make an amazing mother and to see her with her 4 kids … just makes me soo emotional. Visiting her house growing up they always had pictures around of their close knit family and now she has these to share her story and her deep love for her children….I hope these pictures convey that. I hope when lol’s children are older they can look back on these and what an incredible person their mother is.

    Visit Alison’s facebook page today to follow her journey!

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